FAQ's !

What does the process involve?

We try to keep the process as simple as possible. After you contact us to send you quotes we will use the information that you provide us to give you the best possible rates that can be offered for your particular situation. We want to present you with a realistic offering. We will e-mail, mail or fax the quotes to you. At that time we will give you space to review your quotes before we contact you. We will call or e-mail you to see if we can be of assistance, both in answering any questions you might have or starting the process of underwriting the insurance policy. Upon determining the right company and plan for you we then send you the application for that particular company. You will need to fill the application out and send it back to us in the provided return envelope. At this time you will also be contacted by a group of nationwide registered nurses called the Port-a-Medics. They will schedule with you, at your convenience, and at no cost to you, a physical. They will send the results to your agent. After the application and results of the physical are sent to the insurance company, the process will go through an underwriting period that will take from four (4) to eight (8) weeks. At this time you will be mailed the policy. The policy will go in force when your first premium payment is made.

How long does the process take?

The process can take from four (4) weeks to three (3) months. The average being two (2) months. The difference is in the needed underwriting that is required for each case. Some cases are very straight forward and they go very quickly through the process. Other cases need better scrutiny and therefore take longer to accumulate all the data that is needed to make a decision by the insuring company.

Do I need to take a physical?

Yes. This may be anything from a saliva swipe to a full physical performed by a doctor and lab. The determining factor for what you will need is based on the amount of insurance you are requesting and your health history along with your present health condition.

When does the coverage start?

The policy is in force when you mail in your first premium payment. This is usually at the end of the process, when you are in possession of your policy. If you need coverage during the process of applying for the insurance than there is a procedure that is called A Conditional Receipt. This will insure the proposed insured, during the process of underwriting, for the full face amount to the policy as long as the proposed insured meets all the requirements that are needed to have the policy issued in the form that it was applied for.

Do I have to see an agent?

No. We do all our business over the phone lines or the Internet. That does not mean that you do not do business with an agent. From the first contact you will have to the issuing of a policy, a fully licensed insurance agent will handle your case. At any time in the process you will be able to call or e-mail your assigned agent and he or she will be able to help you with any questions or needs that arise during the underwriting process.

Is Term Insurance convertible?

Yes, but beware, not all Term policies are convertible for the life of the policy. If this is a concern then ask your agent about the policy you are considering. Some policies only convert through the early years of the policy. This is a privilege that may be costly depending on the company.

When and how is payment of the premium required?

The premium will be sent in to your agent at the time that you have the policy in your possession. During the process you would have settled on a mode of payment, Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly, that would be require at this time. The receipt of your payment to the agent puts the policy into force. This will be the process unless you decide to send in a conditional receipt with your application. A conditional receipt is a module premium payment sent in with the application that puts the insurance in force throughout the underwriting process. This is a conditional option that states that as long as the proposed insured meets all the requirements, and that the policy would be issued at the applied for rate, than the proposed insured is fully covered during the underwriting phase.